sharps counters


Non-flaking foam strips minimize particulate matter

Large, legible numerals for ease in counting
Backing tape secures to any surface a ‘no hands on product’ procedure.
Rigid plastic construction with positive lock eliminates needle punctures and escaping sharps
Adhesive well for larger needles, blades, and miscellaneous sharps

Count-Tainer 20

Developed for mlnor procedures, as a compact version of the widely accepted Count-Tainer 40, complete with friction-fit slotted foam.* Friction-fit slotted foam provides for a more rapid technique – saving time by just popping the needle in place in an ordered format with no need to reclamp needles.
Available in slotted foam (code number 5120F) and is pouched sterile, disposable – 20 units to a dispenser, 80 units to a case (4 dispensers).

Count-Tainer 40

This widely accepted sharps count system is intended for use in major procedures. Count-Tainer 40 has the identical features and benefits described above in the Count-Tainer 20.
Available in slotted foam (code number 5100F) and is pouched sterile, disposable – 10 units to a dispenser, 40 units to a case (4 dispensers).

*Patent No. 4243140